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Dryer Vent Cleaning in Downey: 3 Interesting Facts That You Didn’t Know About Your Clothes Dryer and Its Maintenance Routine

We often seem to forget that some of the most indispensable household appliances which we currently own and utilize regularly require proper maintenance work. Our clothes dryer makes no exception. Superficial maintenance can get us into a lot of trouble; a clogged vent can prevent the dryer from absorbing all the moisture from your clothes, making you repeat the drying cycle, waste energy and pay higher monthly bills. On top of that, a faulty dryer hiding a considerable amount of flammable residue (lint) can also cause a devastating home fire, triggering severe injuries, extensive property damage and financial losses.
Fortunately, you can count on dryer vent cleaning in Downey, the perfect solution to this problem. Instead of conducting a time-consuming DIY project and spending money on a special dryer vent cleaning kit, take the easy way out and rely on professional services. By going down this path, you will rest assured that skilled specialists will clean your dryer vent thoroughly, increasing the efficiency of your appliance, maximizing its lifespan and eliminating safety risks. Here are a few interesting facts that you should know about your clothes dryer and its mandatory maintenance routine.

1)     Lint traps only manage to collect approximately 90% of the entire amount of lint produced after each drying cycle
Most people aren’t aware of the fact that lint filters only gather about 90% of the total amount of lint resulted after every single cycle. In fact, recent studies indicate that approximately 80% of all homeowners clean only the lint trap, neglecting the fact that this inflammable residue is often stored in hard-to-reach parts of their clothes dryer.

2)     Minimized airflow can damage your appliance, trigger costly repairs and even put your safety on the line
Minimized airflow is an important problem, generated by a large amount of lint trapped inside your clothes dryer. A decreased airflow poses serious consequences that you should try to avoid at all costs, by opting for professional dryer vent cleaning in Downey. Some of the most relevant threats are the following:
a)     Fire hazard
b)     Reduced lifespan of your appliance
c)     Expensive repairs
d)     Increased operational temperatures
e)     Decreased energy efficiency (repeated drying cycles)
f)      A certain amount of carbon monoxide (CO) released inside your house, in case you own and utilize a gas clothes dryer

3)     A clothes dryer fire is not an isolated incident

Nobody likes the idea that appliances used on a daily basis can actually catch fire, destroy valuable belongings and even put many lives at risk. Unfortunately, recent studies indicate that malfunctioning dryers are behind no less than 15,000 home fires recorded every year, more than 300 injuries and losses evaluated at approximately 84 million dollars. In this context, professional dryer vent cleaning in Downey should be considered a necessity and supplementary preventive measures should be implemented to avoid tragedies.