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Asbestos Duct Removal in Downey:  Frequently Asked Questions about This Simple, Effective, Risk-Free Process

More and more people are trying to discover and assimilate accurate information on asbestos contamination, the powerful obsession of the 80’s. Recent studies indicate that most houses built before 1986 contain asbestos-based structures which could pose significant health risks. How can one identify and implement truly effective preventive measures, designed to minimize or eliminate this major threat once and for all? Here are 3 frequently asked questions about asbestos contamination and the abatement process, helping you decide whether asbestos duct removal in Downey is the most suitable option for you and your family.

1)     How can I identify asbestos structures present in my home?
Asbestos was considered an ideal material due to its amazing thermal and chemical resistance and much-appreciated affordability. Due to these outstanding properties, asbestos was intensively utilized in the construction sector. One shouldn’t be surprised to find a certain amount of asbestos, especially on older residential properties, since this material was used to insulate walls and attics, to manufacture floor, tiles, roofing sidings, and heat-resistant materials, and to coat and protect steam pipes. Asbestos comes in different colors (white, blue and brown are the most common options) and in various sizes and shapes. If you are having a hard time trying to distinguish this potentially hazardous material from other types of insulating products, try to compare the indoor areas in question with items and surfaces containing asbestos, captured in thousands of high-resolution photos available in numerous online image galleries. When in doubt, it is advisable to call an asbestos inspector who can take samples and let you know if an asbestos duct removal in Downey is truly necessary.

2)     When should I opt for professional asbestos duct removal?
When it comes to asbestos duct removal, only a certified inspector can give you the green light to start developing this project, with help from fully-trained, experienced asbestos removal workers. If the structure is in perfect condition, it is advisable to leave it alone. However, the abatement becomes a viable option if:
a) You plan to conduct extensive remodeling work, which could end up damaging the asbestos fibers.
b) The asbestos fibers are already damaged and your family is currently exposed to major health risks.
Whatever you do, don’t try to take this matter into your own hands, as various studies have indicated that improper abatement done by someone lacking the knowledge required to complete such a task is even more dangerous than leaving the asbestos-based structure in its current condition.

3)     Why do I need to rely on professional services if I want to remove asbestos ducts from my home?

Since damaged asbestos fibers can trigger a long list of illnesses, including asbestosis and lung cancer, it is never recommended to eliminate asbestos ductwork on your own. In this case professional asbestos duct removal in Downey is your one and only option at hand. Certified, fully-trained asbestos abatement specialists will use proper safety equipment and the right tools (detergent, putty knife, tape, special spray, plastic sheeting, rags and tape) while also implementing a few effective preventive measures to avoid the contamination of different other parts of your home.